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Where is your service area?


Our company has recently opened up to the entire continental United States due to popular demand! Also our new ethical shipping boxes make it possible to ship kittens anywhere by ground method.


What happens to the kittens once they are too old to be useful for your company?


We retire kittens from our service once they reach one year old. We spend one month trying to find them a home, then we resort to other means including: Shipping bulk orders to other countries, Donating to cat farms, Donating to prisons, and leaving them at local shelters. If you would like one of our service cats, please put in a request at our contact page.


How do I cancel my account?


To cancel your account, simply send us a message at our contact page, and we will arrange pickup within 48 hours.


How can I change my level 4 plan to a level 1 plan?


You can easily upgrade or downgrade any plan by sending us a message at our contact page. Just tell us the plan you would like to switch to and we will replace your kitten within 48 hours and prorate your billing cycle.


Can my kitten go outside?


No. When you initiate our service you will be asked to sign a healthy kitten contract which includes normal pet-owning guidelines such as not letting our kittens outside, feeding them regularly, and cleaning their litterbox.


I ran out of litter for my kitten, what should I do?


If you run out of the included supply of food or litter, you can either supply your own or contact us to deliver additional supplies for an additional fee. If you supply your own food or litter it must be one of our approved brands.


My kitten got lost, what should I do?


If you end up with a lost kitten, contact us and we will supply you with another that fits your plan. If this situation becomes an ongoing problem, we may drop you from our service.


How are the kittens shipped?


Our kittens are shipped in our brand new ethical, recyclable shipping boxes which provide plenty of ventilation.  As you can see in United States Postal Service publication 52, Article 5, Chapter 52, it is legal to ship live animals in the mail, as long as the animal is not dangerous, diseased, bad-smelling, loud, and is able to survive the transit without food or water. Our kittens can safely travel for a week without food or water!  Our supply package of food & litter for the first 6 months is shipped separately.

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